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Teachers´ meeting in Opava, Czech Republic
April 2010

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This time the teachers met in Opava at Stredni Skola Husova. One colleague from Reepham High, two teachers from HVR Wipperfürth and different teachers involved in the project from Stredni Skola joined the meetings.


The teachers prepared the half term report for the national agencies and worked out what topics students should work on next. In addition the preparations for the visit of German students to Opava had to be finished.

This has to be completed for the first sub-project:

  • Abstracts of the surveys to be pubilished on website

This shall be the coming sub-project:

  • Economy: Compare Fair Trade to regular trade of products such as chocolate, coffee, tea or cotton
  • What do students already know about Fair Trade in general (small survey to be prepared for students visit in Opava)
  • Students shall find out what Fair Trade products they can buy in their home towns (videoclip / 2min)
  • Students shall work out the pros and cons of Fair Trade. Each school cares for one certain product: GER -> chocolate, CZ -> coffee; ENG -> cotton

In addition the teachers want students to work on a trilingual dictionary with phrases for everyday life.

Humphrey will set up a website with passwords for each student, so students are able to communicate to each other per email, blog etc.

Pictures of the teachers´ meeting in Opava

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