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Teachers´ meeting in Reepham, England
July 2010

For more photos click hereThe teachers from England, the Czech Republic and from Germany met end of July to discuss what is going on in the project.

Looking back everyone was fine with the results so far.


The group developed a to-do-list to complete the half-term report which was acknowledged as being very well done by the National Agency.

These things still need to be done:

  • Complete videos on Fair Trade
  • Work on website

These things are to be done up to November (next teachers’ and pupils’ meeting in Reepham):

  • Pupils prepare presentations on Fair Trade for November meeting
  • Create T-shirts with logo
  • Prepare November meeting (organise activity day on Fair Trade and sightseeing ect.)

Further ideas to be followed:

  • Time schedule of coming visits 2011
  • Visit to Brussels
  • Develop new topics:
    • Germany: communication and living together respectfully
    • England: Agenda 21 in the Norfolk region

Pictures of the teachers´ meeting in Reepham

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