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Diary of the
Comenius visit to Opava, Czech Republic
April 2010


Sunday, 25th April

Two German teachers and seven German students took the plane from Cologne/Bonn Airport to Prague. We crossed Prague via bus and subway to the main station where we took the SC Pendolino to Ostrava and another train to Opava. We arrived at Opava station in the late afternoon. Some teachers from Stredni Skola Husova and some students and their parent made us a warm welcome.


Monday, 26th April

For more photos click hereIn the morning we first met the headmaster and the vice headmaster of Stredni Skola Husova.
Pupils started to work on a dictionairy to translate common speakings like “how are you“ into the three languages English, German and Czech.
In the afternoon we met two former students of Stredni Skola Husova who guided us through the city of Opava for sightseeing on foot. We learned a lot about the changing history of former Troppau, going back 800 years. One of the famous persons, that once used to live in Opava, was Johann Gregor Mendel (see photo of Mendel secondary school), the discoverer of Mendel´s laws, that are famous in genetics.


Tuesday, 27th April

For more photos click hereAgain we met at school to go on working on the dictionaries. We used the PCs to type and correct the words.
Later students prepared for a paper chase through the city to get to know it better. The chase should end at the school’s own restaurant for lunch. All students found their ways.
The meals at this restaurant over there are prepared and served by students of Stredni Skola Husova. It is one of the school´s training locations for kitchen and service staff.
In the afternoon the students were free to do what they liked.


Wednesday, 28th April

For more photos click hereIn the morning we visited a coal-mine museum close to Ostrava A former miner explained all about life saving in case of accidents in the mine. Afterwards all of us had to wear helmets before going down to the coal-mine by elevator where another guide showed us the hard work of the miners.
We had lunch in the miners´ restaurant before we went on to Ostrava city.

In Ostrava we visited Miniuni, this is an area where famous buildings from all over the world like the Eifel Tower or the Big Ben are reconstructed as miniatures. So the Brandenburger Tor is only some steps away from Prague Airport (if we only had known before   ;-) )
After that we all went to the city where we all had the chance for a shopping tour.
Dean and myself sat in a sidewalk café and discussed “why this was paradies“ as we always do when we meet.


Thursday, 29th April

For more photos click hereIn the morning the Opava students had to pass an outdoor adventure course at the Silver Lake. This sport event takes place every  year and was planned by the teachers of Stredni Skola Husova for a long time. German students took part in some field events.
The Silver Lake is a local recreation area in Opava. And because the day was sunny we could sit outside for lunch.

The students spent the afternoon on their own. Some went to the local swimming bath. All met for a final party in the evening.


Friday, 30st April

Travelling day: Some parents and teachers took us to Opava station in the early morning. We started at 6:30am.
The way back was as before: Train to Ostrava, Pendolino to Prague, subway and bus to the airport, plane to Cologne where we landed at 3:30pm. Most of the parents fetched their children at the airport whereas Mrs. Sten and Mr. Wirth got back home by train.

We enjoyed our stay in Opava very much and we want to thank our hosts a lot.

Pictures of the students´ visit in Opava.

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