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Diary of the
Comenius visit to Opava, Czech Republic
April 2011

by Stefanie Grüterich

Monday, 10th April

For more photos click hereOn Monday evening we (Mrs. Sten, Franziska and me) arrived at the train station in Opava. After that we went with our host families to our houses. My host was Lenka Mikulová and her mother. She is a teacher at the school where the other Opava students go to. I unpacked my bag and then had something to eat with my host family. They are very nice.
After dinner we went through the empty and dark streets to a bowling center where we met the other students. Franziska was already there. The Czech and the English students bowled for a quarter of an hour. After finishing the game we sat at a large table and talked together. Some people played billiard and later on Franziska and I played for a while, too. The others drank a lot of different drinks but we only sat there and talked.
Later we had to leave and I went back to our house with Mrs. Mikulová.


Tuesday, 11th April

For more photos click hereAt 8 o´clock we were at school. We had to wait a little until the other students arrived. We had to change class rooms in order to do our presentations.
The Czech, the English and the German pupils had prepared different presentations about water. We presented about
hydropower. After that Mrs. Sten did a presentation about communication.
Next our big group went outside and walked slowly to a little pottery. There we could form some things of clay or we could paint vessels of clay or do other little art works. I formed a little dice. After having finished (or not) we went to a dining hall for dinner.
Then we went by rail for a small outing to the town of Hradec. From the railway station we walked to the castle and spend some time in the surroundings. After watching the castle we went to a café and talked together.
We returned to Opava train station and from there I walked with Franziska and David to David´s house. When David´s father came home he drove me to my host family. He speaks German very well because he has worked in Germany for several years.


Wednesday, 12th April

For more photos click hereOn Wednesday we should pull on warm clothes because there should be snow as forecast. And it was. Later during we went by bus for three hours it snowed a little bit.
We stopped at a church for a short time and again at a restaurant where we could go to the toilette or had something to eat.
Finally we arrived at Dlouhé Stráné which is a pumped-storage reservoir. A woman explained to us how it works. We tasted some water from a little river coming from the mountains. It tasted quite okay.
The bus brought us back to Opava where we spent the eveneing with our host families.


Thursday, 13th April

For more photos click hereAt school we played a game called ‘We are building a sustainable city _Ekopolis’. After that we analyzed the survey results on drinking water.
We visited the Main Hall in Opava and had a fantastic view over Opava. Franziska and I went to a restaurant with David and Anita where we had something to eat. Then we again went to the dining hall and waited until the other students finished their meals.
We then went to ‘Terasa’ to create sweets. We had to form some things out of marzipan to embellish our cake. Our cake was decorated with pizza, a hamburger, pommes frites, ice cream and finally the flag of Germany.
Later on we ate the cakes and some other snacks.
For teh rest of the day we had spare time. First I did a sightseeing tour on Opava with Lenka´s mother and then I went shopping with Franziska.
At the end of the day we had a barbecue with all the others. We played a game called ‘musical chairs’. It was a lot fun.
Later on we had to say goodbye because the next day we had to travel back to Wipperfürth.


Friday, 14st April

Travelling day


We enjoyed our stay in Opava very much and we say many thanks to our host families.


Pictures of the students´ visit in Opava.

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