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Diary of the
Comenius visit to Reepham, England
November 2010


Monday, 1st November

For more photos click hereHello England, good bye Germany. I was so nervous when I got on the plane. The day I had waited for so long had arrived. Fog at Rome Airport delayed the arrival of our plane so we finally left an hour late. At London Stansted Airport the driver of Sunbeam Coaches was waiting for us with a coach which took us to Reepham High School. It was dark but we had enough light to prepare our Fair Trade presentation for the next day.

We arrived in Reepham at 7pm and were welcomed by Tim Reeve and all the host families. Jessica, my exchange student, stood next to her father, welcomed me warmly and took me home in the car. Mr Boxhall showed me the house they live in. It was like a new world for me – new faces, new and interesting houses and a new and nice exchange family. I was tired so I slept after Mr Boxhall had shown me everything in the house. So I just said, “Good night, England!”


Tuesday, 2nd November: A tour of the school

For more photos click hereThe Czech and German groups met at the school and were welcomed by the principal, Chris Hassel. Then a group of nice and lovely students took us on a tour of the school. What a big school!

Then came the moment all the students had prepared for weeks… the presentations about Fair Trade. The Czechs told us about tea and coffee and we did our presentation about chocolate in front of about thirty other students. We were a bit nervous but everyone listened. At the end Clara and Kati organized chocolate tasting and the other students tried to taste the difference between supermarket and Fair Trade chocolate.

After the presentations the T-shirts with the “Heal the World” logo arrived and were presented to each of the Comenius students who tried them on.

In the afternoon a man called Sandy played the world trade game with us. We were in groups of poor and rich countries and had to trade with each other. It showed us how unfair the world is and that the poor countries had no chance against the rich ones.

In the evening we got on a coach and drove to Norwich where we went to the Playhouse Theatre to see four Shakespeare plays performed by four different schools including Reepham High School who did a very funny performance of Twelfth Night. It was difficult to understand but I enjoyed it very much.


Wednesday, 3rd November: A day in Norwich

For more photos click hereThis day was the greatest day for me in England! It was shopping time with the Comenius club in Norwich. First Mr Reeve showed us a few interesting sights like the cathedral, the oldest street and the castle.

Then we had time to go shopping. My group went to H & M and to a shopping centre where I bought presents for my parents. After Norwich I went home and played with my host friend and her sister. Then it was dinner time, as always very delicious. Soon after I went to bed - very tired but what a great day!


Thursday, 4th November

For more photos click hereAs usual we all met up at the school. First we visited the primary school in Cawston where we looked round the school and went to a Maths lessons. The children were very young (from 4 to 10 years old) but they still had to wear a uniform.

After that we went back to lessons at Reepham High School where the English group did their presentation and we watched our Fair Trade video which was made in the Comenius club by Franziska and Stefanie. Everyone clapped! Later we went into the village of Reepham to do a photo quiz. We had a sheet with lots of photos of objects, signs and buildings in Reepham and we had to find out where they were. If we didn’t know the answer, we had to speak to people on the street or in shops. I said “Excuse me, please. I am doing a photo quiz. Could you help me, please?” That showed me how you can speak to strangers.

After that we met our English partners at school and went home with them. In the evening some of us went to the Open Evening for the Sixth Form College. After that I went home, relaxed and said to myself, “I’m so happy that I’m an exchange student and am able to experience these fantastic days in England!”


Friday, 5th November

For more photos click hereToday the whole group of German, Czech and English pupils went to the seaside. First we drove to Wells next the sea, a historic little town on the North Sea coast. It has got a great beach and we all walked along it to some huge sand dunes where we stayed a long time playing in the sand and jumping from the sand dune. It was great fun.

Then Mr Reeve organized a sandcastle building competition. Our group started much too late so we didn’t finish the castle. The Czechs won with a beautiful castle! We then drove on to Castle Riding a twelfth century castle which is still in good condition today. We found it exciting and interesting to look round and hear about the history of the castle.

We drove back to school and were then taken to our partners’ homes. But that was not the end of the day. Today was Guy Fawkes Day which people all over England celebrate with fireworks and a bonfire. The whole Comenius group met at a firework display in Cawston. After that we all went back to a fantastic farewell party which the English group organized for us. Everyone at the party said we must meet again next year. What a busy but great day!


Saturday, 6th November: Travelling day

For more photos click hereIt was time to say goodbye and go home. We all want to stay longer but after spending the morning with the families giving and getting presents and talking about the week we left to go to school for the last time. The coach was waiting for us and sadly we waved goodbye to everyone. Kati made a little speech to thank Mr Reeve for all his hard work. It was such a great week and we were all so sad to leave.

We arrived at Stansted Airport in good time and caught the plane back to Germany where we arrived at 11pm to be greeted by our parents. Maybe some day we can show our parents Reepham!


Pictures of the students´ visit in Reepham

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